Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961.

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To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.

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Merlin rewatch with emackens | gifset per episode - 1.03 The Mark of Nimueh.
"(Magic) It’s neither good nor bad. It’s how you use it.”

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"You call yourself a free spirit, a "wild thing," and you’re terrified somebody’s gonna stick you in a cage. Well baby, you’re already in that cage. You built it yourself."

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Tywin was big even when he was little. Who will protect us now?
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Michelle Dockery’s face at MASTERPIECE “Downton Abbey” Season 5 TCA Press Tour
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Michelle Dockery — TCA Portraits, 2014

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Michelle Dockery talks about finding out about her Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. [x]

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I framed these as a pair 

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The DARK RYE Guide to (Pretty Much Western) Art History by Neal Pollack

Despite its exciting origins at the hands of terrified and superstitious French cave dwellers, and despite the fact that most artists are completely wackadoo, art history is pretty boring, not to mention long. We at Dark Rye can’t do much about the length, but we’d like to help take care of the boredom. Join us on this enlightening journey through the many ages of art, minus a couple of the duller ones like Mannerism and Neoclassicism. When you’re done, maybe you’ll swap out your old college Starry Night poster for something a little less clichéd…

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Andy Warhol - In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes

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